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Every day, across NSW and Australia, Aboriginal organisations are leading the way to a stronger future for their communities: for young ones and elders, mums and dads, aunties and uncles.

While Aboriginal culture remains vibrant and positive, our people have dealt with a lot of negative things over the years. Even now, Aboriginal kids are taken from their families and communities, the source of their strength and resilience, at ten times the rate of their non-Aboriginal friends. This is the legacy of past practices that we must now face if we want to truly be the land of the fair go.

“In our culture, community means everything. It’s our identity, our family, our source of strength.” – Luke Carroll, actor, TV presenter and proud Wiradjuri man

We need to pave the way to a brighter tomorrow with stronger families and happier, healthier communities. Aboriginal community-controlled organisations must be front and centre of this change: Aboriginal communities designing and delivering the solutions to the challenges they face, with self-determination, transparency and accountability to Aboriginal people. The opportunity to make our own decisions, to lead our own changes.

Australian governments spend a lot of money on programs meant to support Aboriginal people and close the gap – but most of that money isn’t going to Aboriginal organisations. When we are entrusted with the respect and resources to help our own people, we believe we’ll accomplish a lot more.

In acknowledgement that a paternalistic approach to Aboriginal child and family welfare continues to fail Aboriginal children and families, we ask that the NSW Government commits to establishing a holistic system to support Aboriginal children and families, driven by local Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and overseen by an Aboriginal body. We believe this will empower Aboriginal communities to develop and deliver effective solutions to the challenges they face.

Please join us and throw your support behind Aboriginal community-controlled organisations. Add your name to the list of signatories below.


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Signatories (198)

1. Alyssa Robinson

2. Mick Scarcella

3. Paul Gray

4. Judith Murray

5. Dana Hogg

6. Kandiah Santhasoroopan

7. Vicki Barton

8. Olivia Cumpston

9. James McLeod

10. Tim Ireland

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11. Priscilla Johnson

12. Pina Bargenda

13. Dana Clarke

14. Wayne Griffiths

15. Gaye green

16. Mykol Paulson

17. Mark Marriott

18. Gillian Brannigan

19. Pam White

20. Simone Anderson

21. Gail Broady

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22. Melissa Brown

23. Jo Higgins

24. Dragan Arnautovic

25. Vicki Williams

26. Lisa Wronlewski

27. Shelley Turner

28. Charlee-Sue Frail

29. Lynda Fletcher

30. Lynette Wicken

31. Laura Hibble

32. Deborah Nean

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33. Deborah French

34. Mandy Marsters

35. Sharon Broady

36. Liz Knight

37. Maxine Bartlett

38. Steve Phillips

39. Julie Hourigan Ruse

40. Sarah Hankins

41. Ben Gerber

42. Sue Stigmund

43. Savita Sanderson

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44. Irene Saunders

45. Catherine Rowe

46. Rosie Richards

47. Katherine McKernan

48. Jeni Cavanagh

49. Ann McKinnon-Baker

50. Maria Fitzgerald

51. Naomi Briggs

52. Servena McIntyre

53. Jude Ekerick

54. Cecily Currie

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55. Julie Foreman

56. Jessica Massa

57. Julie Lee

58. Caine Raudino

59. Laurel Briggs

60. Jarrod Clenton

61. lisa warren

62. Jessica Hickey

63. Sarah Allen

64. Emma Hickey

65. Michael Hickey

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66. Anthony Abbott

67. Kim Creigh

68. Blanche Saunders

69. Jenis Moore

70. Carla Kassab

71. Luke Carroll

72. chris summergreene

73. Brandan Moyle

74. Chris De Souza

75. Lawrence Sarich

76. Virginia Lovell

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77. Deirdre Cheers

78. Leonie Phillips

79. Melissa Shaw

80. Andy Miles

81. Catherine Turner

82. Lynda Sinnott

83. Naomi Stanley

84. Bryce Senior

85. Kayla Blundell

86. samantha lukey

87. Tina McGhie

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88. Belinda Kendall

89. Lauren Dunlop

90. Darren Schaeffer

91. Ann McKinnon-Baker

92. Melissa Rixon

93. Tash Currie

94. Kyola Williams

95. Tracy Willis

96. Carol Robertson

97. Kim Raudino

98. Jane Powles

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99. Nigel Marsden

100. Steve Gilhooley

101. Raquel Clarke

102. Chelsea Wymer

103. Luigi Lungo

104. Brian Edwards

105. Kirsten Gray

106. Savita Sanderson

107. LaToya Terry

108. Caroline Dimond

109. Cheryl Porter

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110. Eva Ruggiero

111. clare land

112. Clarinda Vinter

113. Brigitte Mitchell

114. Louise Doyle

115. Tanya Bush

116. Alectra Hancox

117. Catherine Carroll

118. Geraldine Menere

119. Jude Ekerick

120. Kimberly Chiswell

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121. Monica Pholi

122. Anita Heiss

123. Matthew Keast

124. Rob Roberts

125. Brett Martin

126. Debbie Fearon

127. Louise Roe

128. Kellie McGrath

129. Woomera Aboriginal Corporation

130. Denise McGrath

131. indra stephenson

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132. Sally Fitzpatrick

133. Carly Campbell

134. Padraig Dorrigan

135. Riki Porteus

136. Kellie Bails

137. Justine Conaty

138. Lynda Bowtell

139. Nell Robertson

140. Vince Scarcella

141. Richard Knight

142. Brad Hall

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143. Miranda Moir

144. Lindsay Ferguson

145. Su Mariani

146. Emma Hickey

147. Sandra Hunt

148. Rhiannon Nickerson

149. Gretchen Young

150. Sara Fatmini

151. Lakkari Pitt

152. Dana Clarke

153. Cheryl Holden

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154. Melissa Moran

155. Jo-Anne Kelly

156. Mykol Paulson

157. Kyarla Munro

158. Russell Smith

159. Vicki Quinlan

160. Bradley Way

161. Annamarie Cohen

162. Beckie Wells

163. Billie-Jean Fathers

164. Michelle Perry

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165. Deanne Paulson

166. Amanda Bridge

167. Veronica Maloney

168. Kathy Smith

169. Steve Sutton

170. Fiona (Bindi) Markham-Moeller

171. Joy Saunders

172. lauren townes

173. glen crump

174. Karen Bevan

175. Penny Lane

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176. Shaquille Robinson

177. Charna Lieben

178. Natasha Vines

179. Kathryn Neely

180. Andrew Johnson


182. tim bayl

183. Kellie Waters

184. Judix bBlWWezCXjYZ

185. Judix XBhzUMHewYbyLrqGx

186. Judix AoeqUhZvUmeNGnAZM

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187. Judix WrALRdcgRA

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191. Kylee Roberts

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194. seqgedo IvHznnJxBS

195. wuequfzfsjq YdoSpQenijEoDH

196. vbhkpoppm LKYrAFXfIQYuBXQP

197. fkzpzbzyvu RPsknBBIkTfao

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